Royal Canin 法國皇家貓乾糧 – 波斯貓專用配方 10kg


Royal Canin (法國皇家) 波斯成貓尊用乾糧 (10kg)

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Royal Canin Persian 30


The Persian cat – a gentle majesty. Highest perfection and seductive beauty: the Persian cat with its unique fur with over 300 shades of colour is one of the most popular cats in the world. Next to its unique looks the Persian cat stands out with its noble, gentle and friendly nature. She is the calm and serene aristocrat among cat breeds.

For a beautiful coat: the long, thick fur of Persian cats can reach a length of up to 20 cmTo limit hairball formation: a relatively inactive indoor cat, the Persian cat spends over 30 hours per week grooming her silky fur and therefore often suffers from hair ball formationA sensitive urinary system: due to the special mechanics of its urinary system, the Persian cat is especially susceptible to the formation of calcium oxalate urinary stones

Royal Canin Persian Adult cat food is a dry cat food exclusively adapted to the requirements of Persian cats (from 12 months):

Maintaining the beauty of the long fur: the Beauty Shine Complex accentuates the full beauty of the long, thick Persian fur. This exclusive nutrient combination reduces skin irritations, strengthens the skin’s barrier function and intensifies colour, shine and smoothness of the furReducing hairball formation: an exclusive combination of dietary fibres limits hairball formation in the digestive tract and promotes stomach motilityIncreased digestive security: FOS (fructo-oligo-saccharides) and MOS (mannan-oligo-saccharides) together with a synergistic complex of antioxidants (lutein, taurine, vitamin E, vitamin C) ensure optimal digestibilityOptimised protection through L-lysine: cats’ airways are frequently attacked by herpes viruses. Supplementing food with L-lysine limits the intensity of virus transmission and lowers the severity of clinical symptoms of illnesses caused by herpes viruses


The almond-shaped kibble are especially adapted to the sublingual method of food intake (with the underside of the tongue), typical of brachycephalic cat breeds with their flat faces. It provides largest possible contact surface with the tongue and improves the adherence of kibble.

Feline Breed Nutrition – significant progress: in its cat food production, Royal Canin take into account all parameters which differentiate cats from each other: age, life style, special sensitivities etc. 10 years ago, Royal Canin added a new dimension to its vision of top performance: a product line exclusively for purebred cats. Feline Breed Nutrition is the only product line world-wide especially for pedigree cats.

 Ingredients:Poultry protein (dried), animal fat, rice, vegetable protein isolate *, maize, vegetable fibers, maize flour, animal protein (hydrolysed), corn gluten feed, minerals, chicory fiber, fish oil, psyllium (psyllium and covers), soya oil, fructo-oligo-saccharides, yeast hydrolyzate (source of mannan -oligosaccharides), borage oil, marigold extract (source of lutein).
*L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high assimilation. 

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (28,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (700 IU/kg), iron (41 mg/kg), iodine (4.1 mg/kg), copper (6 mg/kg), manganese (53 mg/kg), zinc (160 mg/kg), selenium (0.09 mg/kg).
Preservatives – antioxidants.


Analytical constituents:

protein30.0 %fat22.0 %fibre5.0 %ash6.5 %calcium0.8 %phosphorus0.72 %magnesium0.05 %arachicdonic acid0.1 %biotine (vitamin H)2.92 mgchloride0.93 %choline2.5 mgiron187.0 mgmoisture5.5 %folic acid12.9 mgiodine4.6 mgpotassium0.7 %copper15.0 mgL-carnitine50.0 mglinoleic acid4.69 %manganese65.0 mgsodium0.5 %niacin (vitamin- B3)458.7 mgomega-3 fats1.06 %omega-6 fats4.96 %pantothenic acid137.9 mgselenium0.27 mgstarch24.7 %taurine0.3 %zinc194.0 mgvitamin A30.0 IUvitamin B1 (thiamine)25.7 mgvitamin B12 (cobalamin)0.13 mgvitamin B2 (riboflavin)46.2 mgvitamin B6 (pyridoxine)72.0 mgvitamin C (ascorbic acid)300.0 mgvitamin D3800.0 mgvitamin E (tocopherol)600.0 mgcalories that can be burned4.143 kcaldietary fibre11.3 %DHA fatty acid0.4 mglutein5.1 mgarginine1.45 %L-lysine1.59 %DL-methionine0.92 %methionine/cystine1.4 %nitrogen-free extracts31.0 mg

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