NISSHIN Kaiseki Zeppin Cat Food – Senior – 5 Tastes Varieties 200g (20g X 10 sachets)


Tailored to senior catsDelectable5 varieties in each boxNo artificial colorings & preservativesMade in Japan

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Kaiseki Meal

The word “Kaiseki” originally comes from “Japanese tea party”, and it means welcoming and taking good care of customers and serving fancy meals. Normally, the hosts prepares the meals with the best raw materials and highest quality of cooking skills of professional Japanese chefs. In the amazing taste, you can find the highest Japanese hospitality.

With the essence of Kaiseki, the traditional sense of Japanese beauty is projected onto the food, and it is described as follows, “using seasonal raw materials,” “making a full use of the characteristic of the raw materials’ original taste,” “treating someone with the greatest care,” and theseare the essences of the supreme dishes.

We have applied the concept of Kaiseki to our pet food by using selected raw materials that cats really love, and cooking with highly skill and dainty. With the highest quality and amazing taste of pet food, why not feed them to your lovely cats?

Ideally designed for senior cats with lower activity level, to avoid obesity and accompanying pressure and associated health concerns.

Increased Vitamin E level (10% higher than for adult cat food of the same range) to maintain health and improve immunity.

Regulated magnesium level and pH of urine to avoid occurrence of FLUTS (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms).

5 Tastes Varieties- Tuna shavings- Chicken, shrimp, tuna with cheese filling, bonito with cheese filling- Shrimp, tuna with cheese filling, bonito with cheese filling- Tuna with cheese filling, bonito with cheese filling- Bonito with cheese fillingIngredients:Cereals (Corn, brown rice, corn gluten meal, hominy feed, defat rice bran), seafood (fish meal, dried tuna shavings, fish extract, shrimp, white bait, bonito shavings, bonito powder, powdered tuna), meat (meat meal, chicken meal, chicken fillet meal), fat (animal fat, vegetable oil), soybean meal, cheese, brewer’s yeast, pre-biotics, vegetable(powders of dried cabbage, carrot, spinach and pumpkin), minerals (calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, chlorine, iron, copper, manganese, zinc & iodine), amino acids (methionine, taurine), vitamins(A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, niacin, folic acid, choline, inositol), edible food colours, antioxidant (rosemary extract).Nutrition:Protein 27% (min)Fat 9% (min)Crude Fiber 4.0% (max)Ash 9.0% (max)Moisture 10.0% (max)Dietary Fiber 6.4% (apprx)Magnesium 0.12% (apprx)Calories – 340kcal/100g

– Avoid exposing to direct sunlight or humid areas.
– Store at cool and dry places.
– After opening the bag, please finish as soon as possible.

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