Kiwi Kitchens 無穀物貓罐頭 – 白身魚配方 170g


100% 無穀物單一蛋白質93% 新鮮魚肉成份營養均衡齊全主食罐紐西蘭製造

New Zealand has an abundance of grass fed red meats and sustainable fisheries. The clean pure environment provides a platform to grow the world’s best food. Kiwi Kitchens delivers high quality NEW ZEALAND sourced protein, less carbohydrate and more omega 3’s to pets in the most natural way possible. Environmental, financial, social and ethical sustainability are at the heart of our business. We‘re proud to bring the world a food that is both considerate of the environment and beneficial to pets.

100% grain freeSingle protein93% meat or fish, gelling agents, plus vitamins and mineralsComplete and balanced dietMade in New ZealandGuaranteed Analysis Protein10.7%Fat5.4%Fibre2%Moisture78%Energy That Can Be Burned1060kcal/kg

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