Kakato Cat & Dog Canned Food – Saba Mousse 70g


Ingredients Saba 44%, Vegetable oil 2%, Polysaccharide gum 1%, Starch 0.2%, Water 52.8% 品牌 Kakato 卡格 味道 魚, 海鮮 Pet Type Cat 貓, Dog 狗 Product Type Wet Food 濕糧
貨號: EPT-374 分類: , , ,

Up to 78% meat contentMade from fresh, premium, human grade ingredientsNo artifical colours, taste enhancers, preservatives or chemicalsOur chickens and cows are fed on prime quality feedsOur fishes are caught ecologically in the natural open waters of the oceansHealthy, tasty and deliciousIngredients:Saba 44% Vegetable oil 2% Polysaccharide gum 1%Starch 0.2%Water 52.8%Guaranteed Analysis:Crude Protein 10%(min.)Crude Fat 2%(min.)Crude Fibre 0.5%(max.)Ash 2%(max.)Moisture 85%(max.)Energy (ME) 55.5 kcal/100g

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