Kakato (卡格) 貓狗罐頭 – 三文魚、吞拿魚配方 (170g)


Ingredients Tuna White Meat 42% , Salmon 28% , Polysacharide gum 1% , Water 29% 品牌 Kakato 卡格 味道 魚, 吞拿魚, 三文魚, 海鮮 Pet Type Cat 貓, Dog 狗 Product Type Wet Food 濕糧
貨號: EPT-074 分類: , , ,

Kakato Premium pet food is made from the highest quality, natural and human grade ingredients with no additives or flavouring. These three elements make Kakato stand out from its competitors and most loved by pets and their owners. To continue the philosophy of feeding pets with healthy diets, a series of Kakato healthy snacks including those made of 100% natural meat from the New Zealand finest farm produce, free from hormone and disease. Kakato dry food is produced by the state-of-art technology (75 deg cel low temperature & high pressure cooking method), which retains majorities of water and nutrients.


Up to 78% meat contentMade from fresh, premium, human grade ingredientsNo artifical colours, taste enhancers, preservatives or chemicalsOur chickens and cows are fed on prime quality feedsOur fishes are caught ecologically in the natural open waters of the oceansHealthy, tasty and delicious


Helps pets settle down in a new environment quicklyImproves pets appetite when suffering from anorexiaImproves pets appetite during convalescence following surgery or illnessHelps increase pets’ fluid intake when added to their regular dry food, ie. higher fluid intake protects against idiopathic feline lower urinary tract diseaseReduce inake of chemicals and preservatives in the long run

Tuna White Meat 42% , Salmon 28% , Polysacharide gum 1% , Water 29%

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture(Max) 81%, Crude Protein(Min) 17.5%, Crude Fat(Min) 1%, Crude Fibre(Max) 0.5%, Ash(Max) 1.5%, Energy (ME) 69 kcal/100g

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