Canidae (咖比) 綜合護理配方貓乾糧 15lb



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Canidae (咖比) 綜合護理配方貓乾糧

Canidae (咖比) 全貓期綜合配方乾貓糧符合美國動物飼糧管理協會(AAFCO)所定之營養標準,全天然成份,以四種人類食用級數肉類:雞肉、火雞肉、羊肉、魚肉製成,提供全面營養及增加熱量供應。





成份: 雞肉茸,原粒紅米,珍珠大麥,原片豌豆,穗米,天然雞脂肪(用抗氧化物維他命E保存),火雞肉茸,馬玲薯蛋白,羊肉茸,乾蛋品,亞麻籽,海洋魚茸,氯化鉀,氯化膽鹼,蛋胺酸,牛磺酸,紫花苜宿芽菜,菊苣纖維(提取自菊苣根),卵磷脂,鼠尾草萃取物,小紅莓,胡蘿蔔素,迷迭香萃取物,太陽花籽油,絲蘭萃取物,乾腸球菌,乾發酵乳酸菌,乾發酵乳桿菌,乾麴菌萃取物,乾芽孢桿菌萃取物,水溶性酒釀酵母菌,多種氨基酸礦物複合物,多種氨基酸維他命複合物,葉酸,木瓜,菠蘿。

Why It’s Great for Your Cat

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, but their food doesn’t have to. Multiple cats and growing kittens can make mealtimes complicated. With this  CANIDAE® Life Stages All Life Stages formula for cats & kittens mealtimes are easy—even for multiple cat households. High quality meat and fish meals, delicious flavor, and our scientifically formulated nutrient-rich recipe make this food a great choice for every cat in your family.

What Goes Into It

In this formula we include natural chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal and fish meal—packing it with protein for healthy muscle maintenance—and other healthy ingredients like peas, papaya, and sage. You’ll also find added Taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, powerful antioxidants to help maintain a healthy immune system, and healthy omegas 6 & 3 for beautiful skin and coat. The ingredients in this recipe come together to provide balanced nutrition and a great taste your cat will love!

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