Brabanconne Professional Diet Cat Food – Healthy Ageing Formula 20kg


Heart & Kidney SupportJoint SupportLow Sodium and PhosphorousFor good skin & coat healthVitamin B complexAntioxidants and Natural Goodness

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BRABANCONNE, a brand of pet food from Belgium, brings you a series of tailor-made formulas for various age groups and breeds of cats and dogs. All ingredients are greatly beneficial to health of pets.

All our food is made in Belgium and we use the highest quality European ingredients. Only simple and pure meat and fish is used in our food with no meat meals and by products. Every product is carefully tested to ensure no toxic substance or high level of mercury is present in accordance with EU standards.

881 PROFESSIONAL DIET is developed by Dr. Anita Young, a veterinarian graduated from the University of Cambridge, and her team. Digestive Support Formula is tailor-made for pets with digestive issues and sensitive intestines. The formula includes probiotics and prebiotics which enhance digestion and immunity. Healthy Formula contains pure salmon oil, chondroitin and green lipped mussel which are good for heart, kidney and joints, as well as preventing or deferring senile diseases.

881 Professional Diet – Healthy Ageing for Cats

Benefits:Carefully selected high quality ingredients provide controlled levels of protein to reduce cardiac and renal workloadGlucosamine, chondroitin and green lipped mussel are all included to provide joint supportA low sodium and phosphorous formula is important in minimizing stress on ageing heart and kidneysSupplemented taurine and L-carnitine are essential in maintaining cardiac functionVitamins B and L-tryptophan supports healthy brain and nervous system function as our beloved pet grows olderAntioxidants help to defend cells against free radicals and support the immune system. Blueberries support eye sight and cranberries can benefit urinary tract

Ingredients:Chicken, White rice, Brown rice, Fresh chicken (15%), Animal fat (chicken), Hydrolyzed chicken protein, Beet pulp, Carob flour, Brewery yeast, Vitamins and minerals, Cellulose, Flax seed, Dried pumpkin, Aspergillus meal (a natural source of FOS, MOS and GOS) , Rosemary extracts, Grape seed extracts, Yucca schidigeraGuaranteed Analysis:Crude Protein 30%Crude Fat 22.5%Crude Ash 7.5%Crude Fibre 3.5%Moisture 9%Carbohydrate 33%Calcium 0.9%Phosphorous 0.8%Potassium 0.4%Magnesium 0.1%Iron(E1) 70 mg/kgCopper(E4) 10 mg/kgZinc(E6) 100 mg/kgManganese(E5) 40 mg/kgIodine(E2) 1 mg/kgSelenium(E8) 0.2 mg/kgFolic Acid 4 mg/kgTaurine 2500 mg/kgL-lysine 18500 mg/kgMetabolic Energy 4465 kcal/kg

Feeding Guidelines (Daily):

Feeding rate may change depending on the activity and living conditions of the cat.
Ideally spread the intake over 2 meals.
Keep the food dry and ensure that fresh water is available.

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