Applaws (愛普士) 無穀物成貓乾糧 – 海魚及三文魚配方 1.8kg


Grain Free diets that use high levels of cereals can be hard for cats to digest and metabolizeNatural DHA and EPA extracts from salmon oil, constitutes to one of the “building blocks” of the brainNatural Omega 3 & 6 Nourishing your cats coat, producing a stunning silky appearance50% Fish Protein High fish content for easy digestibility

營養分析:粗蛋白:34%粗脂肪:15%粗纖維:6%灰:10%奧米加6脂肪酸:3%奧米加3脂肪酸:1.2%牛磺酸:2,000 mg/kg

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